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Oralix as Professional PPE Manufacturer and Distributor in Malaysia

20 Nov 2020
Oralix as Professional PPE Manufacturer and Distributor in Malaysia
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News: 28 August 2020

Throughout the Movement  Control Order (MCO) period, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) have been conducting checks on the prices and genuinity of facemasks sold which revealed a worrying pattern of counterfeit masks being sold as genuine face masks. Mr James has been spoke and demonstrate in Newsletter Sin Chew Daily on how to distiguish fake or genuine facemasks. 
The genuine surgical facemask are made of three layers:
1. Outermost – waterproof, non-woven fabric
2. Middle – melt-blown filter made of plastics
3. Innermost – non-woven fabric that’s not waterproof
Then, secondly prepare a lighter and burn a bit of edge. This method used to check the filter material of a true three-ply mask is made out of plastics, such as polythene and polypropylene. So when it meets flame, it will melt instead of lighting up or producing sparks. A counterfeit or fake facemask often uses cheaper materials mixed with paper on which when the facemasks brought to flame, it catches fire and produces sparks.
Or instead of burning that facemask, there’s another way to test its legitimacy with a lighter. Consumer need to wear the mask and try to blow out the flame in front of you. If the flame goes out, it’s fake.


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